Problems with Dashboard and Quick View

I’ve had my second 3TB My Book Live up and running for a few weeks now (my first drive was RMA’d), and I’ve loaded about 600 GB or so of video onto it and have had very few problems.  Until today.  I was trying to use the WD2go Pro app for iPhone and logged into the Dashboard to get my code to allow the iPhone to access my drive, and the Dashboard froze.  I reset the drive by disconnecting the Ethernet cable, hitting the rest button for 4 seconds, and the powering off for 10 seconds before reconnecting all the cables.  I’ve repeated this process now 3 or 4 times.  Each time the drive comes back up, I’m able to access my files from Windows Explorer, but I can’t connect to the Dashboard.  Also, Quick View alternately won’t recognize the drive, or will allow it to come up, but won’t show a percentage used or temperature, and the controls like Shut Down don’t work.  I’ve looked into updating the firmware, but I can’t access the Dashboard, so I can’t do that.  This whole experience has me really frustrated, and I’m hoping someone can help me before I have to move the 600 GB of data off of it and restoring the drive.  Thanks in advance for your help.


Now the LED keeps blinking green and I cannot access the files on my drive from Windows Explorer.

Please tell me I didn’t just lose 600 GB of video.

Okay so I’ve come to accept that my drive is going to be bricked if the green light stays blinking.

My question now is whether anyone who has had the green blinking light problem has had the light stop blinking?

Is my drive a brick, or is there a chance that if I let it sit for a day, a week, a month, whatever read/write activity it’s doing will finish?


Do you know the version of the firmware installed on the MBL?  If you’re not up to voiding your warranty by opening up your drive and using another Linux installation to retrieve you files and/or recover de-brick and you’ve not kept a back-up then, unfortunatly the answer to your statement “Please tell me I didn’t just lose 600 GB of video.” is a high probability of  “yes”.