Problems with adding/removing favorites and with My Media Library (Can't add anything else)

I used to be able to add folders (networked Win shares) to favorites so they would all show up under the , but now when I try to do it there is no option.

I only get the following options when pressing “options”






I’m thinking it may have to be added to “My Media Library” in order to have the favorite option, but here is where I am

truely stuck… it only shows 2 items in “My Media Library” 1 is an mp3 folder and another is a movies folder.

When I try to add a folder with TV shows it says it’s already in my Media Library, which is clearly isn’t! So I can’t add or delete it. It seems really buggy.

This UI is a little confusing so maybe I’ve done something stupid here,
but can someone please shed some light on this for me?


Your content source must be set to My Media Library to have that option. If you’re saying that the folders you want don’t appear when set to My Media Library, then you need to add the share that contains your folder to the Media Library Manager in the Setup / System menu.

I will play around with it some more. The UI is quite a bit different from what I’m used to.

What I really would like to do is have several shared folders show up in a single area with the least amount of navigation required to access them.

IE: My computer has 2 shared drives one with movies, and another with music related videos.
My girlfriend’s computer has a shared drive with TV shows.

I just wanted them to show up together in a folder like this:


TV Shows (2TB)

Movies (2TB)

Music Concerts & Videos (2TB)

I used to do this with XBMC by adding source shares to the video folder.

You can do that with the WDTV, too.


…  and Delete  (hit the X icon) anything that might be there currently so you can start from scratch.

Now add each SHARE you want.  Resist the urge to add each SUBFOLDER of the shares individually.

If the entire share isn’t what you want, you might consider reorganizing the shares.

After you’ve added your three shares, go back to the HOME screen and wait until “Compiling Media Library” is completed.

Then go into to VIDEOS.

Press the RED Button.  Select “My Media Library” from the Content Source List.

You should now see each of your three folders listed as you describe.

I think this is what you want to do as opposed to marking each of the share folders as “Favorites,” – which is only relevent when you’re using the Favorites Dashboard.

Thanks for the help. I would try it, but I’m now not able to even see any video output from my WD TV unit.

I wasn’t seeing a share on my hdd. It’s an external drive that shows up fine on the older WDTV Live, but not on this so after trying everything I gave up and selected reset to factory default. when it reset I went to check for my shares and it just sat there with the rotating arrow and locked up. I had to unplug it and tried to start it up and nothing…, no video.

I tried pressing RESET on the bottom with a paper clip and still nothing comes up. I know the HDMI/Power cable/ Ethernet are all perfect because when I connect the old WD Live it works perfectly. I’m ready to just give up on this.

It’s really frustrating!

Any ideas on how to get video out of it again? I’ve tried unplugging it and leaving it for several minutes, pressing reset over and over again both with it plugged in and unplugged. I think it’s dead.