Problems with Access to 'View Only' shared folder & Search function

  1. Access Right: I have just had a new EX2 Ultra, and it’s found that when i set a shared folder to be 'Read Only" all users cannot access to that folder.(both users with and without password cannot access). Only admin can. It should be accessible using the WD Access App by users with “read only” right, correct? Why user can’t?
  2. Search function: My Cloud seems to be convenient when remotely access for file, but when I did login to access files remotely, it’s found that I cannot search for files on the cloud. Access via browser doesn’t have search function at all, and access via phone app has the search function but couldn’t find anything even the one presented under that folder. (Note: when access via web or phone the access right of all folders are compliant to what I set.)

See the dedicated EX2 series subforum where people more knowledgeable with that device may be able to assist. This subforum (My Cloud) is generally for the single bay/single drive My Cloud.

The lack of a search feature on the web portal is a common complaint that one can find using the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right).

Not sure about the EX2 series but on the single bay My Cloud one can create a User in the My Cloud Dashboard and then assign them access rights to specific Private Shares. When one accesses the Private Share they would then log in with that User name and password and be able to access (or even not access) that Private Share based on the access setting.

See the User Manual for your My Cloud device for more information on how to setup Users, configure Shares for Private, and how to assign User Permissions.