Problems with 2.003 firmware update for MyBook

I have the MyBook Essential 1TB with Smartware edition. (USB 2.0) .  I updated the firmware to the latest version 2.003 .  In all attempts I disabled the antivirus and antispyware while updating the firmware.  On my first attempt, I ran the updater.  It said that  the drive was in use.  2nd Attempt  I ran chkdsk /f and it dismounted the drive.  The firmware updater ran ie the status bar came up but then it said that it failed becasuse the disk was in use. Howver upon a subsequent update, the firmware updater noted the current firmware was 2.003 (vs 1.032) so I guess it suceeded.

I decided to play it safe and chose to go into safe mode and run the updater again.  This time the updater hung at the status bar for about half an hour. I clicked the close window screen and it closed without a problem. 

I decided to update the smartware and it worked.  It showed my firmware was 2.003 . 

I’ve noticed however that everytime I go into standby now, my event viewer log sgives an error Event ID 57 Source NTFS and tells me that “The system failed to flush data to the transaction log. Corruption may occur.”.  This did not occur previously

Firstly I am not sure if my firmware even successfully updated.  Secondly , I now get these Event ID errors evertime I go into standby when previously  I had none.  Could someone in WD look into this?

I use windows 7 ultimate 64 bit

I downloaded the 2.003 firmware again recently.  The file name is different this time.  Anyway the update worked.

Here is what I did.

Downloaded installer from WDC.

Used a Windows XP 32 bit notebook

Disabled spyware, firewall, antivirus

Ran updater.

updater may reject you first time. saying other programs accessing drive or ask you to reinsert the usb .

If it is just a reinsert of usb than do so.  If other programs are in use, go to task manager and close up all programs… (just kill the process) .

Updater should work the second time

exit updater and power cycle drive.  (remover usb and power)

Eeenable antivirus/spyware. Reboot computer and then carry on other updates.