Problems with 1TB WD home edition

I have had numerous problems with this device, when I had it formatted to FAT 32 it would crash atleast 2-3/week. I reformatted to NFTS ?, and just used it for file storage. Had 300 gb of files on drive when the power went out, now my computer cannot access the drive. The WD notifier comes on, but thyis says 0% used.

Any help appreciated, the light on the front is constantly moving, but I need my files!

I was just starting to like this drive, after the re-format, but this is so not convienyent.

Thanks in advance if any has ideas.

I just had the same thing happen we lost power, then on reboot when i click on my WD it asked if i wanted to format…NO! I have my entire photo collection on it?? Now when I disconnect and reconnect it beeps and doesnt show up under my computer…!!! Im very upset being i just got this for xmas and now ive lost my photo collection and i have no back up…