Problems WD-MBWE 1TB with DLNA-TV


I have a WD My Book Workd Edition 1TB (White Light) and a Philips PFL9604H. Both Devices have DLNA compatibility and EVERYTHING worked fine till February. Connecting, watching movies, listening to musik and displaying pictures WAS absolutely no problem!!!


Since I did an update to the latest firmware on my WD-Drive in February, the TV does not find the Twonky Media Server on the WD-Drive anymore. Only sometimes, when I completely restart the Media Server and it reloads the complete Database (which takes about 60 Minutes every time), the TV is able to connect to the Server - but only for two or three hours - then it looses the connection again.

I read that there are different problems with Twonky Media Server 5.1 - maybe this is one of the problems?

Does anyone have a suggestion or solution to that problem?



Hi !

I have exaclty the same problems witrh my Samsung TV 32B650.

Please somenone must let us know how to fix this !