Problems using the service

I live in Japan, I bought my new WD TV Live a few a few weeks ago, I was planning on using it for my subscription on Hulu Japan.

But when I launched my device the hulu service was gone, (amongs netflix and other services).

I knew that I would not be able to use netfix from Japan since they dont operate here, but Hulu is operating in Japan, why cant I access from my new wd tv live?

hulu service is only supported on US


Hulu began here in Japan the end of last year. The WDTV Live Streaming Player is pictured on the Hulu Japan site as a supported device for streaming Hulu.

I’m currently using FW 1.04.12 – I’ve never updated the firmware as this one is stable [with zero problems in my network] and I haven’t wanted to risk any of the issues users have experienced with subequent updates. But should I take a chance and update, will Hulu Japan be supported or will the HuluPlus button simply disappear from the available services?

Well, here’s a rather unexpected wrinkle:  unknown to me, the SMP has been available here in Japan since May of this year – with a unique [to Japan] ID number:  WDBHG70000NBK-JESN.

If the thread starter – like me – purchased the SMP outside Japan then Hulu Japan may never be an available option in a future firmware update as Hulu Japan will only be available on units built for the Japanese market.

Should anyone have information, appreciated if you’d post it on this thread.

I think you’ll be better contacting WD directly for official response