Problems using MyCloud OS5

Dear S. Brown,

thanks a lot for you attempt to solve my problems. This week I installed the latest firmware version 5.07.118. But also this firmware has some major bugs. Indexing became much faster but cloud access is still a problem. Today I tried to invite another user. The first welcome email was sent successfully, the user created a new OS5 web account but finally it failed (“user rejected”). Another trial to re-send the invitation email failed. It is some kind of time-out at the dashboard. Now there is a new OS5 user account but no NAS is assigned to it.
The change to OS5 really became a nightmare.

Pleas let me know what kind of protocols you are asking for and how to acquire them.

Kind regards
Thorsten Frenzel

@Thorsten_Frenzel please collect the system logs, send to support and let me know the case number.

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

meanwhile I could collect an error report. I hoped with the latest firmware 5.09.115 my problems would disappear what is not the case. I do have to PR4100: one for personal use which I upraged to OS 5 last year and another one that was upgraded two days ago. But both devices show the same problems. I am unable to send invitation emails for web access. I was following all advice available in the WD database but no solution could help.

This became a severe problem now as I administrate one PR4100 in a professional environment. I have multiple users that cannon access their data any longer after updating to OS5.

I would be very happy to hear from you.

Kind regards

Thorsten Frenzel

Dear WDStaff,

I was waiting for new firmware releases to get my problems solved. Two days ago I had to update another PR4100 to OS5. With the problems I experienced in the past I did not dare to do so.

Because of an old OpenSSL version on the old OS3 I was urged for security reasons now to update the other PR4100 as well but experienced problems again. Just today I mailed in the error report.

I could find in some other blogs that also other users were unable to reinstall web access for the users. This error happens even with the latest firmware release 5.09.115.

I made sure that the users’ shared have cloud access with read / write permission. But when I want to assign cloud access (even for new users!!!) it fails telling me “This user does not have authorization to access a network share for cloud access. Enable access and resend the invitation.” This is definitely wrong, the users do have shares with cloud access. It is also not a matter of groups.

The PR4100 is used in a commercial environment and it is a catastrophe that nearly all users do no longer have an option to access their data.

Is anybody able to help?

Kind regards

Thorsten Frenzel

Can you post a screenshot?
After the invitation is sent, the user must check the inbox of their email client and accept the invitation to get associated to the NAS. If the user is already logged in, they must logout and login again.

Dear WD Staff,

I already posted a screenshot of the German error message. I translated the text into English.

The problem remains that the PR4100 does not send out the invitation emails.

Kind regards
Thorsten Frenzel

Von meinem/meiner Galaxy gesendet

As nobody could help me I decided to set the PR41000 back to factory defaults and to manually set up all users and shares again.

The problems I experienced with this can be found in my new blog “Bugs in MyCloud OS5 PR4100”.

Kind regards
Thorsten Frenzel

Got locked out and can’t do anything…

Hello, after installing OS5 firmware 5.11.112
1 - my SONOS system can’t access Mycloud after inserting login credentials it says “access is denied” the credentials are correct,
2 - My Sony TV (BRAVIA KDL-40W605B) can’t find Mycloud on the network, it used to with OS3, so no movies, music or photos
3 - Plex could’t find Mycloud after the install, clicked on tje app store but no apps show up, downloaded the correct version from plex website and install it, after several atempts i was able to configure it on the pc but had to remove the server and add the “new server” from zero.
4 - We should be able to downgrade to OS3 in case things go wrong has it did
5 - It took 48h to index the files


The following article will help solve the Sonos and TV issue

My Cloud OS 5: TV, Printers, Scanners, IP Camera and Media Players Cannot Connect

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I’m also having problems with OS5.
Had an OS5 update request a few days ago, updated it.
Since then my drive keeps getting offline and the only way to access the dashboard or anything else is unplugging it and plug it again, besides annoying, that’s obviously not good for the drive. Don’t know what else to do since I use the drive a lot and this way is basicaly unusable.


These supposed best practices are useless… I cannot even open the dashboard…