Problems updating Smartware with WD Passport Studio with MacBook Air running Lion

Having installed WD SmartWare from the External Drive on installation, I am now prompted regularly that there is an update. I am able to download the update, but when it tries to install, just after I input my administrator password to allow it to make changes, I get an error message to say it has failed.

I can post more details of error, but does anyone have any ideas? Is it because I am using Lion? I am new to Mac’s and OSX .

The External HD still seems to tun and operate fine by the way. All functions appear to be working.

Thank You

It’s likely because you are using Lion, Smartware lists compatibility with Lion just because the MBL is compatible with Lion… If I were you, instead of updating, I’d remove the current version and install the latest version directly off WD’s site, if that doesn’t help then call them.