Problems transferrring files from PC to WD

Hi everybody!

I recently (1 week ago) bought an external WD harddrive, a Western Digital Elements 1TB. Whenever I try to transfer a file from my computer to the external harddrive it gives me an error which states; “The target you have stated does not exist, it could be due to a network location that is offline or an empty CD or DVD drive.” This happens sometimes in the beginning of the transfer or halfway through. The harddrive closes any folders open associated with it and restarts. Additionally the WD is connected to my computer through USB 3.0. I can’t make any sense of what the problem is. Anybody knows what could be the problem?

Thank you for your time!

Check if you have the latest USB 3.0 drives installed, you can also try connecting the hard drive using USB 2.0 to see if you get the same error message.