Problems transferring and playing media

Hope you can help me,

I bought the WDTV live streaming box and have set up a network to my laptop (Vista OS) and connected a USB memory stick with media on but it will not play the media…  I can see it on the screen but when selected it does nothing…!

I have managed to link the two on a network so i can view files on the TV that i would like to play on the media player but they will not play…   get the small orange circle going around in the middle of the screen. 

Likewise when i have put a movie on a USB stick, plugged it into the WD media player, gone to Video: local storage:  select the film but it will not play just shows the orange circle.

I have downloaded the manual but it doesn’t have any answers.

I’m lost now so thinking of taking it back to the shop and looking for alternatives unless someone can help…?



Please post the full TEXT output of MEDIAINFO for such a file.


Sorry can you please clarify what you need me to do here exactly…?

I clicked on the link and it doesn’t make any sense to me…



Download that tool.

Run it against one of the files you’re having trouble with.


Copy / paste the output here.