Problems to access my My Cloud EX2 Ultra

Hi, I want to access my WD My Cloud from another network that I have direct communication. My disk is located in the 192.168.135.X network and I want to access the disk from the 192.168.138.X network. The two networks have full communication, we can ping between PCs.

Does ping work in both directions?


X.X.135.X --PING–> X.X.138.X
X.X.135.X <–PING-- X.X.138.X

If so, then just put the IP address as the machine name when accessing the share.



If not, then look into fixing the routing tables between those subnets.

If using IP address like that does work, but network names do not, then look into your local DNS setup.

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I can ping in both directions. Because I have computers like PC that connect to an Active Directory server. My WD disk I have already entered the domain directory so you can have full communication. I do not know what else it can be. I can not ping the WD from another network.