Problems streaming .WTV files


I just got my WD Live box and I am having a small problem when playing my windows media center (.WTV) files.

It plays 10 seconds, then sound drops out and video goes into slow mo…

Does anyone knows how to fix this?  I am using a wired network and this problem doesn’t happens when I use the “Play To” feature, but as you might now, Play To drops the quality drastically.

Another question, is it possible to transfer the .WTV files to the attached USB drive connected to the WD TV box? I tried but it seems it doesn’t recognize the files.

Thanks again.

If it makes you feel better, I and many others are having the exact same problem. Two easy solutions are to convert the files to dvr-ms format before playing them, or using the Windows Media Player “Play To” feature. There’s a whole thread on this subject here: