Problems streaming videos from MyBookLiveDuo to 'DLNA certified' Panasonic BluRay player

I cannot stream videos from my MybookLiveDuo to my Panasonic DMP-BDT110 BluRay player (latest firmware installed) in any format /CODEC combination.  

To try and find out where the problem lies I took several files in AVI / DivX / WMV format that play on my PC (Win7 x64) without problems and also stream from my MyBookLiveDuo to my PC.  I then tried to play them either directly via a USB through the TV or to stream them to the BluRay Player either from my PC or the MyBookLiveDuo.   

All the videos played directly through the USB ports and, while some formats were not recognized when streamed from my PC to the BluRay player, not a single file streamed to the BluRay player from MyBookLiveDuo giving the error message: ‘Cannot connect Please confirm network connection and settings’.  All the videos stream when I connect to the PC or MyBookLiveDuo directly using the BluRay ‘Network Drive’ option, which connects to the drives directly rather than through the BluRay DLNA server. I can also stream music and pictures from both MyBookLiveDuo and PC through the BluRay player’s DLNA server without any problem. 

I think that the problem is with the BluRay player DLNA server, but just want to check whether there could be anything wrong with my MyBookLiveDuo set-up.  It has the latest firmware installed, the DLNA server is enabled and lists all the DLNA devices connected to it, including the BluRay player.

There are a lot of posts for the MyBookLive about DLNA / streaming and the need to install Twonky, but searching the Forum for MyBookLiveDuo and DLNA brings up no posts.  Knowledge Base Answer ID 3299 lists the MyBookLive as requiring Twonky, but does not list the MyBookLiveDuo as requiring it - does that mean that the DLNA server software is integrated into the MyBookLiveDuo firmware or that it does not use Twonky - if the latter what is acting as the DLNA server? 

Does anybody have any experience or knowledge of this problem and how to solve it?

The Duo uses a different media server, not Twonky.  There’s a few limitations / issues with the media server so it isn’t as good as Twonky which is why you may be having these issues.   Twonky media server is only available on the older My Book Lives and the new WD My Cloud drives. 

Thank for the clarification - bizarre that WD should release the Duo version of MyBookLive with an inferior media server.  As there have been several firmware upgrades since I bought MyLiveBookDuo, none of which has improved the DLNA server capabilities, the question is: does WD intend to rectify this issue and if so when or is there a workaround?  

If WD do not rectify the problem then I am stuck with an unusable media server for videos.  While I am reluctant to pay out for more kit, what WD product can I guarantee will stream videos?

The older My Book Live (single drives, not two) contains Twonky that should work fine for streaming various media files if you can still find that drive for sale.  Otherwise, All newer WD Nas products (i.e. My Cloud) has the newest Twonky media server.  As for now, I don’t know if WD will replace the current media server on the Duo (I’m pretty sure they wont)

Apologies for not responding sooner to the posted comments, but WD has been assisting in looking into the issue.  I was able to confirm that, according to the DLNA certification my MLBD and BluRay player are compatible and I should therefore be able to stream videos created with the specified codecs - they don’t.

WD asked me to send the a whole bunch of log data as well as examples of videos that should stream - they confirmed that they were able to reproduce the issue, i.e. it was not something specific to my network or hardware configuration.  It would appear that there is a generic a problem with the MBLD DLNA server.

As the MBLD, in particular the RAID configuration does what I want the NAS to do, I’ll just have to live with the problem. Thanks to all of you who commented / posted suggestions on this issue.  I hope that the feedback from WD will help others who have problems streaming videos from a MBLD.