Problems Streaming / Transcoding MKV Files

Hi, I am streaming Video Files from my iMac to m Wdtv live. I am using the Media Server Playback to Share folders. Sometimes i have problems with stuttering and then corrupt MKV files. I think that is caused by the live Transcoding of MKV Files… And i do Not know why this is necesarry… Can i work around that by grading Up to the new wd Media hub product? Or does this require transcoding too? Thanks for your help!

None of the LIVEs transcode anything.

You say you’re accessing the iMac via MEDIA SERVERS, in that case, the WD can’t even write anything.  Media Servers are READ ONLY.

If files are getting corrupted in that setup, it’s definitely not the WD doing it…

ek every thing…mine is playing mkv prefectly i tried to stream a 8gig mkv file…and absoultly no sttuter or what so ever…that too using a bsic belkin adapter and belkin basic router…but the problem is with the Xvid files…they r not playing that well…evena small 45mb file is not playble at all lagy plaback