Problems since recent UI and FW update

Since the most recent UI and firmware update (12/2015) my WD has developed several issues.
1.) My Safepoints state they have errors, despite they appear to be updating. The log is full with safepoint errors.

2.) No connectivity. Lose both UI connectivity and share connectivity. Will not reconnect unless I reboot the WD.

I’ve had the WD for about 6 months with no issues, now since the FW and UI update all these problems have started. I called support and they say nothing… They gave me a case number but have no answers as to what my problems are.

What operating system are you using?

There have been numerous mentions of problems with Mac El Capitan and Windows 10.

I’m not certain what OS has to do with safepoint error messages.
I have two Mac’s 10.7.5, and two Windows 7 boxes… all worked fine until this latest release.

Yet, when I look at the actual safepont, it states it has updated.

Problem is, after so the error log fills, the box is no longer responsive, via UI, shares or PING from any computer, mac or PC. Which means I have to pull the power to get it back.

I called support and opened a case, but they seam to be clueless and told me there is no problems with getting those error messages. I asked, what do they mean and why am I getting them? They said, look on your back up device, if you’re backup’s are there, no problems… your’re all set.

Really WD???

You also mentioned connectivity.

Try taking your PCs off the network and clearing out recent file lists and
deleting mapped drives on PC and server connections on the Mac. Then
reboot them and reestablish the connections.

I don’t use Safepoint.

PC clients have nothing to do with connectivity… If you can’t PING something i.e. (the WD), and you can ping other things on your network from the clients, and you reboot the WD and it returns, the issue isn’t with the clients.

All these issues started with the latest FW update and new UI. I was hoping for some others to chime in with similar issues and solutions because support doesn’t seem interested in helping.

Why do I get 5 notifications stating that there was an error with my safepoint, but yet the GUI shows it updated anyway?

Why does the error message generate an error code, but support can’t tell me what that code means?

I think the latest FW has some serious issues/bugs.

If the issue is they are not getting to the network check your router. A recent upgrade of my router’s firmware caused it to ignore all of my port forwarding. The entries were there just weren’t being implemented. I had to delete all the entries and re-add them.

Maybe try deleting the DHCP reservation for MCM in your router and re-adding it.

Yeah, I have the same issues… All works fine until 3AM when SafePoint is scheduled, after attempt to update to create a safepoint a web interface and Cloud service goes down, only SSH works. My Cloud shows that Safepoint couldn’t update for some reason.
Altough, If I do SafePoint update manually, from web interface, it succeeds and all works just fine.
It’s really annoying…

I’ve also had problems with My Cloud going to sleep - according to posts on this forum I’ve stopped restsdk-serverd process - It seems to help but as I can see from logs it stops email notification service.

Does anybody has similar problems? Is there any way to make a scheduled safepoints and NOT restarting MyCloud everyday?

In general - those new firmwares with new, white UI are really, really messed up - doesn’t WD have any Quality Control before releasing firmware? First problems with permissions on public share, than a lot of problems like this - come on I would fire all developers that agreed to release such an untested and buggy code/firmware :confused:

Albert, support had me do a SYSTEM ONLY factory restore.
Keep in mind, this will blow away all your users & settings, but your shares will remain.
You’ll have to recreate all your users… here is where to use caution.

When creating new users, WD Mycloud by default creates a share for that user. After I recreated my users I wanted to go to Shares and remove the newly created shares. I clicked on the share I wanted to delete and clicked delete.
But the new UI interface is so SLOW, that I realized when the page refreshed, I actually DELETED my Data share.

Support is clueless in trying to help me recover. They said, “use a safe point” but all the safepoints were gone because of the system only restore. Luckily all the data was still on the USB attached drive. At that point, support was lost and could not help. They also could not tell me the Event ID with the failed safepoint messages meant. They also said they were going to escalate my case and I NEVER got a call back.

I created a new Data Share and used a 3rd party app called ViceVersa to replicate all the data (data structure and time stamps) back to the WD Share.

Long story short… I got all my data back and now my safepoints complete just fine.
Because I do not trust WD or WD Mycloud, I signed up for SOS On-Line Backup which can backup a mapped network drive (mycloud). It takes a bit to setup, you first have to unmap your mycloud, do a reboot, then install the software and SOS has to map the mycloud share then start the backup. Once it starts you can manually remap the mycloud drive to your pc.

So now I have safepoints (local) and a daily on-line, encrypted backup through SOS.

hope all this helps… because WD Support couldn’t! :smile:

I spoke too soon… Safepoints don’t create errors anymore, but they just STOPPED working.

Despite having the scheduler on, it’s not running!!

In the meantime I have resorted to an online backup service, SOS Backup. Would still like to see safepoints fixed.

I get exactly same problem that you mentioned after updated the f/w today…

How can I get it back to normal simply ???

Or no way just return the device back to WD for repairing ???