Problems Sharing or adding other users

It seems my WDcloud drive works fine with my computer, but there seems to be an issue with making any changes or accessing it from my Android Tablet.  When I try to do something via the WDCloud Control Panel via the IP address, all I ever get it a notice that says its updating, but nothing ever happens.

I was able to get access via my Android Nexus 7, but when my tablet crashed and I went to reinstall WD My Cloud.  It won’t recongnize my password.  I have a range of passwords I use, but it won’t recognise any of them on the Tablet.  I am able to unlock the WD My Cloud on my laptop with out any problems.

I am not sure if it is related, but I had to reinstall windows a while back because of a system crash.  I started from scratch, but it seems that I was able to imeddiately get back on my WDCloud drive without any problems.  But I don’t seem to be able to add any new users or get my Nexus 7 to long on with the new App

Hi, you can check page 118 of the My Cloud manual for the supported browsers and Operating systems. If you use another browser it might works but you could run into some problems.


• Internet Explorer 8.0 and later on supported Windows

• Safari 5.0 and later on supported Mac computers

• Firefox 12 and later on supported Windows and Mac

• Google Chrome 14 and later on supported Windows and
Mac computers

The problem is not with the browzer so much as it is with the Adroid app… but I will check out the manual… going to try a reset to see if that fixes my problems