Problems seeing .MKV files until device is rebooted


I have both an WDTV Live device and an WDTV Live SMP device.  The SMP works fine but the older device seems to have an issue ‘seeing’ .mkv files.  On a few occasions, it just doesn’t see them in the folder where they live but sees other file formats in the same folder location.

If I reboot the device, it then detects the .mkv files.

Any thoughts on why it doesn’t seem to find the files on the first boot? 

The media is located on an external drive that is connected to a modem/router that is DLNA enabled.

I also noticed that it actually has a slightly different name for the device that the drive is connected to when it does/doesn’t see the files.  When it doesn’t see it it has a name like device1 version 1 and when it does find it it just labels it device1…

Firmware is up to date

Does it give you the chance to access the files by Network Shares and not Media Server? Do you receive the same results?

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Yep, via Netowrk Share.  Can confirm that I get the same results via whatever method.  It just seems that ehen it works it works and there’s no reason I can see as to why it wouldn’t at another time.

Nothing changes apart from the time that it has been connected to the network.  The power is typically off unless it’s being used.  I can’t see any registration on the network thing having an effect on only mkv files though…

Okay, so it was actually an issue with Network Share versus Media Library…

My bad - Kudos to Vadir for pointing me in the right direction :slight_smile: