Problems right out of the box ::(

I got my WD Live Plus Today from Amazon and cannot get  working  - problem seems to be the remote.  It works for awhile - like 2-3 clicks - then stops - wait a while - several minutes - and it does another 2 -3 clicks.  WD Support isn’t live 24/7 (wonder why??) so now I have to wait till tomorrow to see what my options are.

Has anyone else had problems with the remote? If so how did you fix them?  I have replaced the batteries 4 times so I think we can cross that issue off the list.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



Yes, remotes are not OFTEN bad, but it’s not uncommon a bad one pops up.

Do you have a Camera Phone or Digital Camera?   Point it at the business end of the remote, look at the preview screen, and activate the remote. 

You should see the front of the remote “Glow” since digital cameras are sensitve to infrared light.

When it is NOT working, do you still see the blinking?   If not, you have a bad remote.   Ask Amazon to ship you a new box.

Well it “worked itself out” :slight_smile: Allmost.  I waited a while and things began to work .  I did track down and fixed a network problem - not sure why that would hang up the box.  But  the system is working now.

Could this just be because the WD was still making it’s .wd folder list of all media ???

It could have been that - never found out whatthe system was trying to do when it would not respond.  A message of some sort would have been immensely helpful.

But … I am up and working - that

s what counts.