Problems playing home videos shot with Sony camcorder

I have transferred video from my camcorder and computer to WD TV.  When I play the video, the picture pauses between every time the camcorder recording was stopped and restarted.  For example I have a file with videos of a particular vacation, where the there are 100’s of short stop and record sessions.  Now when I view this on the WD TV the picture blacks out between each of the video brakes.  How do I get it to run a smooth nonstop video of all the short video sessions?  When I copy the videos onto a disk from my computer it plays back smoothly without the breaks.  Please help.

When you copy them onto what kind of disk?   

How are you playing them when they’re broken?

How are you playing them when they’re “smooth?”

When I copy them on to a DVD-R disk and play it on my DVD player it runs smooth.  When I play them from the WD TV they are broken. 

Can anyone help?

I have a Sony camcorder too, what I do is using the Combine Videos feature in the PMB tool that Sony provide for their cameras to create video files from a bunch of smaller clips!

Note: Sony’s PMB tool cannot create chapters if that’s what you want!

You could probably use MKVtoolnix to create a MKV file from smaller clips also!

That’s how I do it :slight_smile: