Problems playing back .VOB files from local disk

Hi all,

perhaps someone can help me with this problem i have. I’ve recently bought myself a WD media player and Harddisk 1,5TB, from wich I want to play back my .VOB movie files. Sometimes I’m able to play one movie completely, but sometimes the same movie seems to stop playing. When this happens the movie stop’s and the screen get’s blank. No more movie anymore, but just a black screen om my TV. Trying to play other movies of the same movie is not possible. You see the counter runing to 3-5 seconds without showing the movie and then the screen turn’s into black again. This is the same for all movies with .VOB files. It looks like there is some kind of malfunction somewhere. I use the latest firmware for the product, and do not know how to solve the issue other than turning the media player off, and/or setting back the factory settings.

Plase can anyone help me out here, has experienced the same problem and has an answer to the issue?

Hoping to hear from anyone,


Have you searched the rest of the WD TV and WD TV Live Boards?  I’ve been seeing people getting help on this issue.