Problems installing WD sync


I’ve just purchased a WD Mirror as i want a drive that will back up my files that I can also access remotely. An important element of this for me is the ability to automatically update certain files to the drive.

My intention was to download the WD Sync app to do this but I cannot seem to get it installed. The system tells me I will have to update my firmware but my firmware doesn’t seem to have any auto-updates and all attempts at a manual update have failed. (10+ times already)

Can anyone help?

rapidly losing faith in this thing…



Have you checked your router to make sure wdmycloudmirror is allowed internet access? The Network tab will let you know if the device has access to the internet too. What version is installed?

Settings --> Firmware Update

Current Version 2.10.310

Silly question - but how do I do that?

Am running version 1.05.30 (as installed at purchase 3 days ago!)



Here are the manuals

Gen 1 Product Page

Gen 1 Manual - Page 130

Gen 2 Product Page

Gen 2 Manual - Page 100