Problems installing WD Elements 1 T

I got my new elements 1 T yesterday, looks great slim and small, when i plug it in i got some links opening in my window how to get firmwire and so on, the problem is that the link just goes to WD page not directly to download link…been looking around on the webpage for the right firmwire…hopeless. Should the WD elements not install itself when i plug it in?? The storage is there but i cant use it, and i dont know what firmwire to download for it…i use win 10 usb bot 3,0 and 2,0 1 day more and i give this back to the store:( I have an old one (my book) and my computer finds that 15 year old storage direcly.


If you can see your WD Elements in Windows Explorer and open it as a regular external hard drive then it has been successfully installed.

What do you mean when you explain you are unable to use it? Is the device not allowing you to copy and paste files into it? Does it give an error message?

I had a similar issue with a 2TB WD Elements external drive and my Mac OSX (Sierra). I think I erased some firmware or so which came with the drive. But I downloaded their utility software
and remounted the drive. Everything else after (partitioning etc.) was a cinch.
Hope this helps. Good luck.