Problems installing sabnzbd+ with latest firmware


I’m new here and really hope that you can help me with my problem. I wanted to install sabnzbd+ on my MyBook Live via

apt-get install sabnzbdplus

 but somehow it totally messed up the Apache configuration and the Samba Client.

It tells me that it will have to remove the following packages:

admin-rest-api apache-php-webdav apnc curl libbind9-40 libcurl3 libdns45 libisccfg40 libkrb53 nas-safepoint orion-resources php5-curl webui

Has anybody an idea how I could safely install sabnzbdplus without haven to manually compile the required classes?

Thank you for your help.



You should ask Myron, he is the most experienced with the MBL.

I did see this thread. The reason I didn’t reply to it is because I’m not sure how this one can be fixed.

Are sure you’ve not downloaded a virus or trojan?  The libraries removed are major and important libraries used by the internal workings of the MyBook Live. Personally I would not even try to install sabnzbd on the MyBook Live.

Maybe it’ll be possible to upload the official W.D. firmware file using an SFTP client and then invoke the script to upgrade from file to the NAS’s operating system back to what it was?