Problems installing new WD My Book on Macbook pro

I have a new WD my book and trying to install on a macbook pro OS 10 10.6.8.  I never get past step five in the installation instructions.  I never get the smartWare CD icon to install.  Under finder, My Book is listed but nothing else.  Can’t find any installation or set up files etc.  Doesn’t look anything like the user manual that did download.  There are some other files such as extras, etc but nothing to help install the device.  What gives?


What is the model number of your My Book? it is possible the drive is formatted for windows and you need to format it for Mac.

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You sir are absolutely correct.  I am helping my son and the salesman sold him the My Book which needs to be reformatted for OSX and then will only be good for one partition.  He needs for My Book for MAC.  Thank you so much…can’t believe we missed this. hidden in plain sight!