Problems installing a new WD Black 4TB drive

First, let me tell you I’m running Windows 7x64 Ultimate, using an Asus X99 Deluxe MB, and have all 3 drives connected to the board’s Intel SATA ports. I was using the BIOS to setup the array initially, but after removing the array I’ve been using Intel’s Rapid Smart Technology Software.

I recently bought 2 Samsung 850 EVOs to setup in RAID0, and I bought a WB Black 4TB drive to increase my storage capacity. After hooking everything up, I setup the RAID array, but then discovered my system used both SSDs and a portion of my WD Black drive to setup a RAID0 array. So, I removed the RAID and then rebuilt it using only the two SSDs.

I then proceeded to partition the WD Black drive using GPT, and when I go into Disk Management, it shows all my drives being partitioned and allocated, but I only have 3725.84GB free on the 4TB WD Black drive. When I view the properties of the disk, it shows 250GB being used but I can’t find this anywhere. I’ve removed the partition, recreated the partition, I’ve removed the RAID arrays where Windows shows two separate drives, but I still can’t find out what happened to the rest of my drive. After removing the partition on all 3 new drives, using Intel Rapid Storage Technology to setup the RAID0 on the SSDs, and then having only the 4TB WD Black drive with no partition, it still shows the drive’s total storage capaticity as 3726.02GB (after removing the volume) of unallocated capacity. When I run WD’s Data Lifeguard Software, it shows the drive as a 4TB drive. Does anyone have any suggestions why it’s only showing this amount of space? Surely I won’t lose 250GB from the formating of the drive. Also, does this drive support the Advanced 4K formatting? Thanks!


Take a look at this link. Hope it helps

Drive displays a smaller capacity than the indicated size on the drive label 

Ok, so I guess it’s correct having 3725.90GB free. I installed an application called MiniTool Partition Wizard (Free), and listed under my drive it shows 2 partitions:

  1.  128MB Capacity 128MB Used 0B Unused GPT (Reserved Partition) and the File System is listed as Other.

  2.  3725.90GB Capacity 0B Used 3725.90GB Unused GPT File System in Unallocated (I haven’t created a volume on it)

Is this correct? Is the 128MB partition something needed for the drive to operate? Also, in order to take full advantage of this drive’s capabilities and speed, is there a particular amount of sectors I should format it with? I’ve read using 4K sectors vs 512, but currently, does it matter how I format the drive or do I just format it and use the default settings? Lastly, how can I tell if this drive has the latest firmware available?

I really appreciate your help!