Problems in formatting

hi my friends,

i have a problem with a NEW wd hdd, the model is WD2003FZEX (is a 2 TB dard disk)

i want to format is and use as an externat drive for backup but i can t format is: i tried the next methodes :

  • quick format from disk management : the erros was : windows cannot complete the fromat
  • normal format from disk management : the same error
  • format from cmd : the erros was : the second ntfs boot sector is unwriteable
  • i installed an image of windows 7, the deleted the c parition and i tried to use the hdd. i copied hundreds of gb on the hdd and after a week i couldn t acces the information

is there any method to format the hdd ?

thank for your response

Have you tried 3rd Party Software ?

I like using AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard [FREE]

Delete the Partition (Apply) then Format the Partition (Apply)

i will try your solution and come back with an answer.

i m waiting an answer also from WD support



  1. i ran the data lifeguard diagnostics and the hdd is ok
  2. i receive the answer from wd support ; this is their answer : If you purchased the drive recently I strongly suggest you to contact the place of purchase for a replacement because the drive is faulty if it is not possible to format in any way.
  3. i formatted the hdd with aomei and it seems is ok


no probs :slight_smile:

only other advice i would recommend (with ALL harddrives) …
Register the HDD with WD and always keep a Backup of your Data “Just-In-Case”

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Not OP, but I wanted to know about that.

What is that registration for? There is any advantage in registering brand new HDDs?