Problems halfway through song

I suddenly have problems playing songs on my WD TV Live that it streams from my Synology NAS. On - almost - every song, it stops playing halfway through and skips to the next song. Only rare does is play the full song. I don’t get what might be causing this, as I can stream Full HD movies without any problems.

The WD TV Live is connected with a ethernet cable, so it can’t be caused by a weak WIFI signal or anything. I have the most up-to-date firmware installed as well.

Someone who knows the answer to this very annoying problem?

How did you rip the songs or where did you get them? Download or rip yourself?

I ask because I have had issues with ***torrents where the files were not actually fully complete after the download was done. During playback,  when the WD Device hit a missing data segment it would stop and move to the next song. I figured this out after doing CRC checks and realized that there was missing data in the songs that were causing me problems. Some would play fine on a PC but not my WD boxes. In my case all of the music is in FLAC format.

I’d check to make sure that you do not have data errors in your music tracks. Rip a CD with a well known software program and see if it makes any difference. 

legally traded live music with permission of the artist. I do not condone or advocate the theft of any intellectual property.* 

Good Luck


Reboot your system, incl. WDTV and NAS.  If that doesn’t help, then reboot entire home network.  Example. I was playing a playlist of music yesterday, and none of the songs showed any information about the song other than the title.  I removed the WDTV from power, restarted it, and all was working fine again.

Often ,“turning it off and on again” fixes many problems with electronic gadgets.