Problems getting my cloud to work with Comcast Cisco DPC3939B

We have the comcast supplied modem/router Cisco DPC3939B. I am trying to setup cloud service on a WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra. When I enable UPnP on the Cisco and have the WD My Cloud plugged into the Cisco I cannot log in to the Cisco. If I turn off the wd and power cycle the cisco then I can log in again. If UPnP is turned off on the Cisco and the wd is plugged in I can log onto the cisco but cannot access the wd from outside my local network. Any Ideas? Also I have read that you really should disable UPnP for security reasons but I am at a loss as how to get the WD cloud to work without it.

Have you tried setting up the My Cloud without enabling UPnP? Also, you might make sure that the Comcast Cisco in on the latest firmware.

I have Comcast service, but not their rental router/modem because I have my own high quality Arris modem and Asus router, and I do not like perpetual rental fees, nor do I like what they do to setup their rental equipment – Comcast, by default sets the router to be a local hotspot so anyone in the vicinity of your router can connect to it . (This default can be turned off on you router, although most users are unaware this is happening or what to do.) It’s happening to you, too.) I actually LIKE that my neighbors with Comcast rental equipment are broadcasting the “xfinitywifi” hotspot signal, because it enables me to have a Comcast internet connection throughout my neighborhood – and beyond, There are 1000s of xfinitywifi hotspot signals throughout the US.
Interesting stuff, but it’s not helping you set up your NAS, so on to that issue.

My Asus router does NOT have a setting to turn on or off UPnP, (aka DLNA. Seeing devices on your network as UPnP capable depends upon devices just being on your router network, meaning I can access my WD DL2100 NAS from devices just because the NAS and a device (e.g. mobiles devices like phones, tablets and media players) are all on the same home network. This is what enables smart TVs to be “Smart”; they detect DLNA devices on the network and can access them.

My router also sees devices as network shared items, because I have setup a Windows shared network (i.e. a SMB/Samba network), AND I have turned Samba ON in my Asus router settings. A WD NAS is both a DLNA/UPnP server and network Shared device, and there are reasons to use either DLNA or network shares to access the NAS depending of what you want to do with the media data.

So, bottom line, i have no idea why you are turning on UPnP setting of your router, and if the router manual even says to do this. Keep it turned off otherwise since you see the NAS with it off when on your network. Use the My Cloud mobile app to access your NAS from another network to test that capability.

In fact, you have the xfinitywifi signal on your network you can try. because it is a hotspot, and effectively not your home network. You would have to register your mobile device to access it, and if you do, it is important after you use it to tell the mobile device to “forget” xfinitywifi, or every time you are at home your device will jump on it, and not the home network signal. When you are away from home and want to use xfinitywifi from another location just connect to it, but again, “forget” it again when you get back home.

I use my neighbor’s xfinitywifi as an easy test point to be on a close by hotspot temporarily. When done testing, I have to “forget it” or else I will continue to be back on it when we arrive home from being away. Kind of a problem that I have learned to avoid.

Any questions/problems, let me know.