Problems downloading torrents straight to LIVE HUB

Hi guys. I need some help. 

I’ve got a WDLiveTV Hub configured as a NAS for network storage. I use a Windows 7 Desktop PC and a MacBook OS X 10.6. 

I’m running the latest version of Utorrent on both computers. 

I like to run bittorent on my Windows 7 PC which downloads straight to the WDLiveTV Network Storage.

Screenshot of utorrent on Windows 7   

You can see on the above image that the torrent has downloaded to 100%. However when I play the track back I notice skips and jumps (like data is missing)

If I open the torrent file on my MacBook.

Screenshot of MacBook Utorrent after I reopen the torrent.

It shows that the file hasnt complete and data still needs to download. (the network resource message goes away once i restart the file and it does complete on the mac)

If I save the torrent file locally on my windows 7 PC it completes 100% ok without problems. Only when I select the WDlive TV as the directory to save to I get these problems.

I can’t think what’s causing this. Any help / advice would be appreciated. If any additional info from me is needed please just ask. I will do my best.

Thank you.

Hi there, what if you set uTorrent to let it complete the downloads on the computer it belongs to and then move the completed file to the Hub? I know it will need to transfer the whole file instead of allowing the file to be created inside the Hub from the start but is the only thing i can suggest…

uTorrent has known issues saving to network locations. Read up on it on the uTorrent forums.

Your best bet is to do the following:

Download files to a local directory

Set the option in uTorrent to move completed downloads to another location and set the network drive as the location.

I have been doing the same thing,  and all mine work fine. I have the same OS, and actually Ive been doing via my laptop which is wireless. unfortunately  i just did the standard setup, with the wd discovery tool, and it just seems to work

Utorrent works fine on the macbook saving to the network storage and it does complete files without problems. Only on the windows PC i get the fake 100% complete reports.

I’ve been using utorrent at work / home with many NAS boxes doing the same thing as I do at home and never had an issue with it. Only on WD Live TV as a storage device ran into problems.

Copying comple files to the WDLive TV will work as a work around or setting utorrent to move the files after its complete.

I’ve bought a new NAS box which has built in bittorent client and I think thats the easier way to download. Just more expense. However the WDLiveTV connects up pretty nicely with the Netgear Nas Boxes. I’m not sure what products WD offer as a similar product to the Ready Nas DUO but together they work pretty well for downloading / playback.