Problems deleting files / vista / telnet


I have problems deleting files and folders in “public”-folder via Explorer under Windows-Vista.

message: I have not the rights to do so. I have read several threads here, but can’t find any solution in my case.

I can’t connect to the MyBook via telnet or ftp (port 23 and 21 are open), but can connect via browser and login as admin via the “Shared Storage Manager” (SSM). But I can’t find any way there to list files and delete them. These are files created in explorer 2 years ago and no “shared folders” created with SSM, therefore I get the message, there were no shares available.

How can I activate telnet or ftp of the MyBook only from Vista? Or is it running by default?

I have no access to MyBook in WD-Anywhere either.

MyBook II 1TB; Firmware 01.01.18

Any suggestions? Thanks.


found no solution

telnet is not running by default

I will not buy any WD extern drive anymore, I changed to Packard Bell.


I have just buy a 1TB World Edition disk. I have many problems and I try to fix it. I had the same problem as you as many others. I notice that when YOU DON’T use the disk as Domain member you can delete files.

I hope that helps you