Problems copying files from macbook to HD attached to WDTV: Writeable, then read only?

Hello All,

I have a peculiar problem. I just installed my 2011 WDTV live, and attached 1 TB external hard drive formatted in HFS+. I can see the hard drive in finder, but I have a strange problem: As soon as I connect to the HDTV, the drive is writeable for about 5 seconds (and if I start a file transfer to the drive, it finishes), BUT, after those 5 seconds, the access becomes read-only. What is the problem? Clearly, writing is possible, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to start and complete transfers within those first 5 seconds, but the disappearing of the write access so quickly is extremely annoying!

Thanks in advance,


Your drive is not formatted in HFS+ J right?

Actually, it might be. Whats the problem with HFS+ J?


The WD TV series have issues with this format, drives not been recognized or data no showing up.