Problems connecting a My Passport Disk disk to a LCD

Hi all. My question is the following…

I’m trying to connect my new WD disk (My Passport 1 Tera) to a Samsung LCD (model 32D550), through the USB port, but I can´t.

The LCD seems to provide energy, because the light of the HDD turns on, but  the LCD fails to recognize it.

I have already connected pen-drives, both in NTFS an FAT32 disk formats, and they are recognized and readed perfectly.

Has any idea what could be happening and what I can do to make it work?

Thank you very much for your help. Regards

There is a chance that your TV may not provide enough power to the My Passport to fully power ir up, or is not able to handle 1 TB drives.  I suggest you to contact Samsung to verify this information.