Problems after cloning

I used the WD disk to set up my drive…It erased my previous attempt at installing windows and then cloned my other drive.

My previous drive had a boot problem and had had it a long time but was slowing down so I decided to install a new one.  The only issue with the old one was the NTLDR file, so I had to use the boot disk to boot up, otherwise everything worked fine.

Now, that I have cloned the drive, I am having problems opening exe files, such as Microsoft Word.  And problems accessing My Computer in Windows XP.

Support said, that if I had problems with the old drive it will clone the problems over…but the problems I am having , I didn’t have before and the only problem I had, was fixed with the new drive.

It doesn’t make sense to me…Was wondering if anyone had any advice?



Did you get this taken care of?