Problems adding second MBL NAS - help pls

I am having trouble adding a second NAS MBL to my network on my Mac. The second drive is showing in Finder but I can only login as a Guest and have no idea how to manage the drive thru the web URL mybooklive local that works for the first drive - I can’t remember how I set that up. The setup for the second MBL didn’t offer any option for creating a registered user or link to the web manager prog.


You need to rename one of the devices - or they’ll both be called MyBookLive by default and your network will be very confused. Goto the main UI for either of them and on the first ‘settings’ page just change the name of the device e.g MyBookLiveNew.

Then, once its saved you can access the UI for the new drive by " MyBookLiveNew/UI " and setup users etc.