Problems Accessing Public Folder

I hope that someone can please help me before I chunk my WD MyBookWorld of my 8th floor balcony….

I have had this drive for several years, successfully working and mapped… I am running Win7. A few days ago i started having trouble accessing my public share folder where all my media and data are stored and have had some success…

Last night and today is started getting the error “\ChrisB\Public is not accessible you might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this severe to find out if you have access permissions”

I have reset the drive back to factory settings, I can do the following.

  1. Ping the address (
  2. Log into the “shared storage manager” using firefox and typing in the ip address for the drive.
  3. Set a “test” folder in the “Shared storage manager” page. This shows up as a folder along side the “public” folder. I can access the “test” folder… but again, not the “Public” folder.
  4. I can see my drive by clicking on “Network” on my computer page where all my drives, external drives etc are located. I cannot map the new drive, when I try mapping the drive using “\\public” I get an error saying “Z:\ is not accessible.” “Network access is denied”

Any one have any ideas what I can do?? Is my drive failing?? WTF is going on basically :slight_smile: I am at my wits end here… I have approx. 700 gb of music, tv, movies, backups etc and I DO NOT want to lose this data…

Worst case scenario I am looking to purchase a new network drive to use for a media center and to try and pull the data off the WD network Drive. Any suggestions on a good new drive and how to get the data off?? By my research it looks like one of my only options is to take out the drive from the case, use a USB —> SATA cord and linux to try and retrieve the data… What about another network drive that I could connect via USB and pull the info off?? Any tips, ideas, suggestions, etc would be greatly appreciated!!!

You are posting contradicting information, if you made a factory reset then you should NOT have a single file on the drive, it should be empty.

If there’s a permissions problem then you’ll need a computer that reads EXT3, like Fedora, to recover the data.

I don’t think he means he reset the hard drive, but the ip/passwords/users etc. You can reset all that without losing any drive data.

OP, I am having the same problem accessing the folders. I can fully use the http interface, my enclosure is seen by the network, but when I attempt to open the folders the same error comes up. Have you found any resolution thus far?