Problems accessing mycloud at work


I have had a mycloud 6tb for a few weeks now. I have two main problems which are spoiling my ‘enjoyment’ of using it!

The first problem is accessing mycloud on my work computer. I get the error ‘can’t connect to wdmycloud’ when accessing through my work computer/internet at, and also got this error when accessing through a public wifi hotspot. Following a search of the forums, I followed a few tips such as switching the remote access on/off and reapplying the password to the admin account. This seems to solve the problem with the public wifi hotspot, but not my work internet. Is there anything I can do to resolve this? I have tried the suggested steps on the error page (update firmare, accept security certificate etc.) but have had no luck. I am reluctant to contact my IT department as I will no doubt be told they cannot provide support for specific products and I can’t see them altering any internet filters (if that is the issue) just for me.

The second problem is with regards to wd sync. The program works fine to sync my downloads folder. However, when I set my pictures folder(s) as a location to sync, only the folders are synced to mycloud, with no files inside. I have looked at the wd help page for why certain folders and files may not sync but there are no issues here such as the types of files (they are standard jpeg photos) and the length of file names etc.

Any help would be appreciated!


It sounds like a firewall issue.

At work, do you have access to the firewall settings?

Is the unit within the same network or on a different location.


Thanks for the reply.

I have norton antivirus on my desktop. Have already tried turning this off and accessing but no luck.

When you say unit do you mean the mycloud? It is on my home network.

I have tried using the mobile app with my work wireless internet and it just hangs loading. So I am inclined to think it is a network issue rather than computer issue as such.

I have been searching for other solutions. Would fixing the ip address of the mycloud help? Or manually port forwarding? The connection status in the dashboard is fine and auto port forwarding seems to work. I am almost reluctant to try these as I have tried quite a few different wireless networks now and all work fine. Just my work network that seems to be the problem. The lack of work access is a pretty big issue for me seeing as one of the reasons I got the mycloud was to be able to work remotely. It also reduces my confidence in the mycloud should I need to access from a similar network in future.

I have the same problem ,

No way to access mycloud remotely from the office , even from my mobile while using 4G Network

it was working very smooth , however suddenly i stopped , and all the troubleshooting is done

I have the same problem on my company’s wired network, therefore i am unable to access from the website. Have been told by IT that certain ports are blocked on the wired internet connection firewall. I have been unable to find out which but i am guessing that the Mycloud must use some of these. I did a port scan on my home network and it appears the Mycloud uses 9 different ports (80, 443 etc).

However if i switch my pc to the company wifi i can access both my mycloud drives straight away without any issues. This also applies to my iPad on the wifi which can access both the website and use the WD apps without issue.

My problem is different from Shafic. I can access using 4G it is just my work’s network (both wired and wireless).

I have enquired with my work’s IT department and they have said I can request a website to be unblocked from the firewall. But this requires authorisation and probably a ton of other red tape. So in the meantime I am stuck with not being able to access. It is not even just this network, I am worried that in future if I am in a situation where I need access to mycloud through another wifi network if travelling etc. that there is a risk it will be blocked. Obviously I will not know unless I am away from the mycloud and by then it will be too late.