Problems Accessing a Private share from my Mac

Hello All.

I wonder if anyone can off some help. I have been using the Mybooklive for ages with the Public shares. I can access the public shares just fine. But if I create a new share and make it private, tick the box to let admin write to it. Then go to my mac - try and map that share, I get asked for credentials. I select registered user and enter admin and the admin password and it fails. The same happens if I create other users and give them access to the share. Am I doing something silly here? If I make the share public it can then be seen…



I know nothing about Macs so take this response with a grain of salt.

With Windows a single user can have only one set of credentials to access a NAS device - either no credentials (to access one or more public shares) or one user/id/password (to access private shares). I assumed this was a Windows restriction but if it is a requirement of SMB then it applies to Macs as well.

On Windows there is work-around that will allow for two sets of credentials - access one set of shares by DNS name and the other shares by IP address. That looks like two remote devices to Windows. (I would not count on that working on a Mac. I would not count on it continuing to work on Windows forever.)