Problems accesing my dashboard on my book live Any known fix?

I could use it on my computer and I see all files but the dashboard does not apear when typeing in the URL of the drive or the drive name It come up page cant be displayd I tryd in a few browsers and I also did a reset with the hole in back of drive and It it did not help. I called support and thay told me to replace the dirve. Does anyone have any advice to fix the isue or I will have to replace the drive?

Check to see if you have a green LED. If you do not, check the manual to find out what your issue might be by comparing the LED color with its description.

If Green, go to your router and check its DHCP lease/client list/table to find out the MBL IP. If listed, connect using an internet browser by typing the IP:

Check your router’s manual for DHCP instructions.