Hello everybody

At first excuse me for my bad english.

one day ago i bought a WD TV Live. I installed him but when i’m seeing a film ( avi, mkv, mpeg) it isn’t in fullscreen and the round stay to turn. I have done a downgrade to 1.05.04_v because before it was in 1.06.15_v but it doesn’t work.

I attached a picture.

my configuration is : Windows 7 pro sp1, sony bravia kdl - 32ex711 , WD TV live ( HDMI)

Thank you for your help 

Can you tell us what TV you have?

Regards from Spain

This is a sony KDL-32ex711

Same problem since 3 days.(with same film so not a problem with coded

My tv is a plasma panasonic v10 and work fine and my external wd my book too.

cant resolve the problem.

I think the problem is since i downloaded the movie “than man from nowhere”.avi 2,59giga …