hello i’m new here

i  have a wd tv hd almost a year

now i have a problem my player does not play anything  no movies no fotos no songs nothing

what’s happening?

Do you have a live or a straight wdtv hd? Have you reset the player and unplugged from power for some minutes. You may have played a ‘bad’ file which has hung up your player. If you get it working don’t play that file anymore.

i have a WD TV HD

If you run MediaInfo on the last movie you tried to play, you will undoubtedly find that it was built with mkvmerge v4.x.x.

You have to re-mux all files that use header compression, turning compression “OFF” for both the audio and the video tracks.

Deleting the .wd-tv folder on the hard drive, leaving the WDTV unplugged for an extended time, ressetting the WDTV, and not playing any compressed header Matroska files, should get you back in business.