I just installed a new WD My Book 2 TB, installed power & USB and it is not seen in my computer.  What may I be missing?

What OS are you using? Look in Disk Management and see if the drive has been assigned a drive letter and is online. While in disk Management look down where the bars are. what color is it and what does it say there?


I am using Windows 7 Ultimate.  Hod do I get into Disc Management?

I can see a light os on from the rear of the drive.  The small switch on the rear of the drive seems to have no effect.

Find Computer in start and right click on it and select Manage then on the left side look for Disk Management.The switch only works if Smartware is installed.


What uis & where do I find SmartWare?

I ran disc mgmt and the 2TB drive was not found…  Could there be a problem with the rocker switch on the rear of the unit?

I have a 1 TB my book for my laptop and the power switch on the back of it works fine.