Problem writing to drives with SBS 2008

I have setup the NAS on the network, and after trolling the posts here i was able to get it connected to the SBS 2008 Domain.  I can see all the users in the AD and have setup just my user right now to test.  I am able to access all the shares and i can jump in and out of folders without an issue.  However when i try to actually copy something over to any folder (public or private) i get this error

“Destination Folder Access Denied”

“You need permission to perform this action”

My user on the domain is setup as an Administrator.  Also i should note that if i access the drive using mionet it’s just fine. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Try TAKING ownership of the items. Go here

let me know if this works!

I am sorry for the delay in my responce, i was in the middle of setting up a couple of servers in our other offices.  I had tried to take ownership before and it wouldn’t let me.  But i figured i would try it again just to be safe.  I disconnected the mapped drives and re-mapped them just to be safe as well.  Wouldn’t you know it though, i was able to write to the drive just fine after the re-connecting (which i had done several times before).  So as of right now i do not have any issues.  I thank you for your responce and i will try your solution if i do have any more problems.