Problem writing data to disk (slow upload but fast download)


I have a WD My Book Live 2 Tb, it’s been working fine for at least 3-4 years. Lately, however, writing new data is working intermittently. I was wondering if someone had a similar issue.

Let me explain myself: I have the drive connected to my laptop (windows 10) via Gigabit ethernet:

  • Sending data FROM the drive TO the laptop works very fast (maybe 50-60 Mb/s)
  • But, sending data FROM the laptop TO the MBL works slow, ~3-4 Mb/s, and intermittently, stops a lot and sometimes doesn’t work.
  • Media streaming works well
  • FTP remote access has a similar behavior, fast download speed, slow and intermittent upload to drive.

Since one way is fine, I suspect it is not a networking issue, but the drive failing to write data properly. Do you think it can be damaged? has anyone have a similar problem?

It would be best to perform a health test on your unit. This test can be performed within the Dashboard under Settings> Utilities> Diagnostics. A Full Test will take a few hours, but it will be able to inform you if the issue is related to the unit itself (Failed test).

In the end I did a full restore of the My Book Live (the slow one), and now it seems to be working perfectly fine.