Problem With Wireless Pro Cant start anymore

Hello All,

Thanks in advance for your time and advices.

I bought 1 month ago a Wireless Pro Driver. I back up my 2 iphones without any troubles. All data inside.
I turn it on last week and the 4 top light start blinking with the wifi light. Cant access anything.

I try to access from web, cable, iphone Apps nothing worked.
I dowloaded the last firmware, format my SD card in FAT32 (how many kilobytes should i choice? 16?32? ), i tried also in ExFat.
I tried a couple a possibilities but not working

SD card was inserted unlocked. I start the Drive, but didnt want to start installing/booting with the SD Card.
I aslo tried with the push 5sec on the SD button after starting the drive
I tried also reseting by pushing the 2 buttons.
Nothing worked.

Have you experienced that kind of troubles?
How can I solve it?


Hello, jo7332,

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

Have you checked the complete user manual? It probably has a chart explaining what all the blinking lights mean, for example to do a reset of the device without deleting your data.