Problem with Windows programm Scheduler Task


MyCloud Home Duo mapping as disk z: in my system Windows

When I create new Schedule Task in Windows , on add Tab “Action” run file c:\Backup\backup.bat.

File backup.bat:
robocopy c:\data z:\Backup

I run task and have a message “not find destination file”.

Propably not find mapping disc z:
Please help me.


Share some more details, i am waiting for your reply. Liteblue


I would like to say that the backup.bat file running from cmd is working properly and the file running from task scheduler is not working and displays the following error.

here is my command from file backup.bat:
robocopy “C:\Dane” “Z:\Backup” /e /mir /np /zb /tee /mt:4 /w:3 /r:3 /sec /copy:dt /fft /log:C:\Backup\Log\backup_log_Backup_21.txt

here is log: backup_log_Backup_21.txt

ROBOCOPY :: Robust File Copy for Windows

Started : 12 lutego 2020 15:07:41
Source : C:\Dane
Dest - Z:\Backup
Files : .
Options : . /FFT /TEE /S /E /DCOPY:D /COPY:DT /PURGE /MIR /ZB /NP /MT:4 /R:3 /W:3

2020/02/12 15:07:41 ERROR 3 (0x00000003) Creating Destination Directory Z:\Backup
The system cannot find the path specified
2020-02-12 # # # Coping Complete!

@karkol Did you read this article? Backups belong in the Samba Public share and not the User Private Space. Hope that you have a backup of your backup because without internet connection or if cloud services fail, you’re not accessing that User Private Space.

My Cloud Home Private User Space and Public Share Access

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I am very dissatisfied with this disk, so I need to run the automatic bakup recommendation only on public.

See how long it takes to delete 100GB of data from private space, it’s 12 hours !!! but that’s another thread …