Problem with WiFi

I have a new hub latest firmware and connected to the wired network all working fine. If i then unplug the wired net work and plug in my Belkin Wifi F5D8053 ver 1011uk it works for a min sees the wireless and lets me set it up choose ssid etc it then connects to the network fine for about a min then all wireless function in network setting dissapear and it gives me no info. if i then choose to restart the system it again work wifi adapter flashes accuweather gets temp then pow gone again. not sure what to do i brought the adapter with and for the livehub and i checked model before purchase. 

Also has anyone any idea why the wired gb network is so slow limited at about 9mb per sec is the wifi n any faster?

Please Help!


It’s been reviewed and documented that even though the hub has a GbE port, the processor inside doesn’t have the speed to move data through the port at gigabit rates. Most folks see less than 15MB/s even if their net if fully gigabit.

I have no idea about the WiFi thing. Perhaps a system reset would help it forget about having been connected via ethernet and get along better with usb/Wifi

Does a reset remove data from disk? Can the usb port on the back be used for wifi or only front port?

The reset returns the settings back to factory default, excluding some online service settings.  But it doesn’t remove data from the disk.

Both the front and rear usb ports can be used for wifi.  However, it is not possible to insert bigger wifi dongles to the rear usb port with the hdmi cable connected.

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Ok I will try the reset and i will stick to using the rear usb port with short usb extension and report back. 

Ok I tried resetting the device with eth unplugged and WiFi plugged into the back USB port, wifi

not recognised at all. Reset with Wifi in front USB (again no eth), Wifi recognised and network found, key input and dhcp assigned address, blue light on adapter flashing away, Accuweather Temp on home screen showing up and device ping-able from other machines then after about a min, the wifi device disappears from the system and all network functions stop, restart hub and it works again for about 2mins then gone again. I am now back with cables trailing. Is there anyway to get the hub to write debug info out to the disk or something come on WD a little help please.

Well I have sent my details off to WD support lets see if i get a response. I don’t want to have to get anther adapter.

Ok i got a response back from WD to say that the adpter isn’t compatable. I am sure it could be made to work and probably quite easily, but in the mean time i have brought a Belkin F6D4050ed ver 1001ed from tesco is UK for £20 and it works flawlessly.