Problem with WDSync - Help

I really need help on this issue:

The WDSync program stopped synchronizing and does not connect to the disk in or out of the network where Mycloud is. The problem mantaisn even turning off the computer or restarting the application.

However, through the WD My Cloud software, you can access the disk.

This is being done from a computer running Windows 10. The WDSYNC Version installed is 1.3.5949. Sending status image:

This situation has happened before, on another computer and after reinstalling the application it was normal. But it does not seem feasible to me every time this happens to have to install the application where it leads to file version conflicts.

Can you help me, please?


Frankly, I would simply give up using WD Sync, and use a third party backup/sync tool. IME, the WD software isn’t very good.

Assuming you’re only doing local sync, I’d suggest something like FreeFileSync.

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2 things to try here:

  1. Right click on the WD Sync icon and choose Settings. Click the drop-down menu and remove the device. Then quit WD Sync. Open it up again. Add the device again. If you get a message about not being able to connect, try restarting your computer in between.

  2. From the local network, open the My Cloud Dashboard (go to wdmycloud/ from a browser). Go to the settings tab. Under Cloud Access, Click the Configure button. Then click “Rebuild”

I seem to have this problem when I suffer a power failure at home. I use WD Sync to sync my work files on my work laptop at work onto My Cloud at home. It works great until there is some kind of hiccup at home, usually a brief power outage. I sync over 600 MB and 6,000 files with a pretty complicated directory structure.