Problem with wd5000ks


I have a problem with a old wd5000ks HD. When i power on the harddrive it only clicks 3 times an slow down after that. This happens 4 times an the the harddive goes off.

Is there something i can do? I read about PCB replacement but i’am not sure if this will help to solve my problem.

Somebody can help me?

Kind regards



Replacing the circuit board on a hard drive is not a recommended method for recovering data or drive functions as this will void the warranty on the hard drive. For every hard drive model that Western Digital manufacturers, there are many firmware changes that would make it very difficult to find a circuit board with the same firmware of the defective drive. If you attempt to install a circuit board with a different firmware than the original, this may damage the hard drive further.

Have you tried using the drive on a different computer?