Problem with wd2go on lumia 930

Hi there,

I have an issue of my nokia lumia 930 with window 8 to connect to my passport wireless 1TB.

My surface pro 3 can work with the wirelss passport perfectly, and My phone can connect with it via WIFI as well. However, I downloaded the app of WD2GO on my phone (window version), click it opened and double click my passport on network on screen and then enter to an interface to select admin or guest.

either I choose admin or guest, it will show up an error adding device. I can see my phone wifi connection is good on dashboard on browse.

I am so disappointed with it. I don’t know how to fix the problem.

Anyone here faces the same issue?


WD 2go is OLD OLD OLD software.   I’m surprised it even sees the drive at all.

You’ll need the latest version of WD My Cloud, not WD2go.

WD2Go is all there is on Windows Phone, as WD have abandoned support for it (the OS that is - I had a discussion with a couple of their support guys about it when I was beta-testing the current OS for the MCM). So it’s all that there is available.

It does still work, at least I can use it on my HTC 8x to access my MCM. Not sure if it would work for a MP Wireless though, don’t have one of those to test.

all I have to say. only wd2go is on microsoft app store, no WD My Cloud…

I am quite disappointed with that all my devices are latest ones…but still can’t use it smoothly…

I love microsoft stuffs…hopefully WD will advise me a good solution.

Thanks guys.

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I don’t have a Windows Phone myself, so forgive me because I am speaking from ignorance here, but…

Can’t you just use the MPW web interface from your Windows Phone to manage the MPW, and then use the equivalent of Windows Explorer on the phone to copy, move, delete etc. files on the MPW. Plus any DLNA App available on the Windows Phone should be able to work with the MPW DLNA server to serve media to the phone.

Basically, look outside the WD box, and use other Apps with the MPW.

The only reason I use the My Cloud App on my iPhone is because the ISN’T a Windows Explorer equivalent in iOS. I have to use the My Cloud App, or a third party App to really manage files on the MPW using an iPhone.

A few recommendations from me too, although from a slightly different ignorance as I have a Windows Phone but not a MPW (but I do have a Ravpower Filehub and a WD MyPassport, which between them do something very similar).

There is no real WP equivalent of Windows Explorer built-in, but Pocket File Manager does the job reasonably well. But I’d also highly recommend the paid version of Sharefolder Explorer, which gives SMB support and is quite good for the more network side of file and server management.

For players, as you’re on a Lumia then Lumia Play is your man for DLNA playing (as a source anyway), with something like Moliplayer good as a DLNA renderer. I also quite like AV Remote as a DLNA controller.

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thx mate,

sharefolder explorer is great!!!

I felt disappointed with that I got a WD tech support email reply which cannot provide any better solution for me.

but in here, you guys help a lots!!!

Thanks again.


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I share your frustration regarding support for the OS from WD - I wasn’t impressed either when they told me of their stopping support for it for my MCM too. But then my phone is also stuck on WP8.0 (and is an HTC rather than a Nokia/Lumia), so it’s rather restricted anyway so I can’t even use things like Lumia Play.

But I agree Sharefolder Explorer is a very nice hole-filler for stuff that WD don’t give.

Hey Darren,

Im also having issues connecting to my western digital wireless drive using my Lumia 1020. I tried using Sharefolder and it sees and connects to my drive, however it wont play any of the media thats on it. It just has the laoding dots but never actually plays anything

thanks for your help


Good suggestions Guys,

I will also place another device into the mix of unsupported devices by WD.  I have some Kindle Fire HD tablets which are (unlike Windows phones) very popular.  Even so, WD still does not have a My Cloud app for Kindles., I make do with the regular Android app, but it looks so bad design-wise and is difficult to see with the white background and lite type and has operating issues, so that I use DLNA apps and others to get the job done on the Kindle; e.g Avia, MediaPlay, and an app for my router that gives remote access, too.  Same goes for the My Cloud for iOS.  Hard to see with whilte background and lite blue type.  Almost unuseable for vision impared, so I use  rhe router app called AiCloud, Infuse, MediaPlay and FIleBrowser to name a few.

I sure wish WD would get going on better offerings – Seagate is miles ahead with their mobile apps for iOS. Android AND Kindle.  I have told this to WD, but apparently they didn’t pay attention to me.

@nikrox - which format are your files in? And if you copy them onto the phone’s local storage, do they play then?

It may just be that the phone is trying to download the whole file before it starts to play it rather than streaming it, which of course will take some time. But that’s a question of how the phone supports (or doesn’t support) the various formats and packaging of files involved, and again to some extent depends on what software is also installed as the player.

My HTC has now deemed to update itself to WP8.1, and it’s a much smoother and easier ride than it used to be to play and stream stuff. Still not as nice as my Nexus 7 tablet, but it’s certainly usable.

hey @DarrenHill, thanks for the reply

most of the files are .mp4. and only about 600kbps-1.5mbps

i had originally been putting them on my phone, and they played just fine, but realized pretty quick that the files were gonna eat up the storage on my phone. which is why i bought the western digital wireless drive so that i could just put all the files on it and just stream it to my phone

sharefolder explorer uses some sorta internal player to play the files but never actually loads the files…just buffers

i just wish western digital would just update the app to make it work with their products rather then going third party

it sees my harddrive but cant connect to it…need a work around quick cause i go outta town in a week and would like to take it with me.

Do you think Seagate’s Wireless Plus might be a better alternative?



I can’t really comment on the Seagate, as I don’t have any experience with them. Personally I have a Ravpower Filehub v2 paired with a 2TB MyPassport Ultra, and that works fine for me. I like it as a solution, in that its flexible and can fulfil a number of different usages, but it does mean you have two items rather than one and so it’s a bit more bulky (although both just about fit in an Amazon Basics MyPassport case).

MP4 files should play/stream fine on WP (all of my films/TV programmes are MP4), so it may either be a network speed issue somewhere or something in the configuration. As you say sharefolder uses its own player, but that’s a limitation of WP if I remember well (sandboxing). The WP2Go app does work around that, but Sharefolder goes the other way and keeps everything in-house.

i think im just gonna go with the seagate wirelss plus drive because i can access all the media on the drive just by typing in a specific IP address in browser of my phone. The western digital doesnt give me that option and the app doesnt work  so im just gonna return it. thanks for your help


I have both a WD MPW drive and a Seagate wireless drive and they both work fine as stand-alone devices AND on my home network. I prefer the Seagate because the mobile app works great and looks much better.  I prefer the MPW because the hardware is more current hardware, and it acts as both a media server AND a network share device,  Handy, because some mobile apps only see shares and others only see servers.  I use many different mobile apps with both drives, (other than their native app) and the MPW is more convenient because of it dual visibility as server or share.

Using a phone or tablet’s browser is really a bad way to view media on any of these drives.  Use apps only.  Seagate still has it as a feature, because before they had an app, that was the only way to view media, but it is a very clunky way to get the job done.

I do think your troubles with the MPW drive is due to an improper setup, and who knows, you could have same experience with a Seagate drive.

hey @mike27oct,

thanks for the reply… im positive the drive is setup properly. i mean theres not whole lot to the setup. i have no problem access the WD UI in the browser of my phone to see/modify settings and the WD2GO app for windows phone sees the drive right away. the issue is i cant play any of the media thats on the drive. just gives me “error connecting device.” i even spent over an hour with WD tech support today and they had me try everything and still got nothing

I really wish that WD would update their windows phone app to reflect the newer hardware, however i go outta town this weekend and need smething that works with my phone. unfortunately, the WD MPW does not


Suggestion:  Search the app stort for your phone, tablet devices and see if there is an app that specifically plays media from a network or drive.  The MPW will look like a media server to these apps that process DLNA appropriate media files.  I use all kinds of different apps to stream media files from the MPW to the phone and tablets.  You do NOT need to use the My Cloud app exclusively with the MPW.

Hey @mike27oct …i searched the store and the only recommended app is sharefolder explorer, however the app has issues playing back the files from network drive. all other DLNA apps will only stream files FROM my phone to another device and not the other way around. Ive spent hours researching and googling to find a solution and unfortunately theres no current solution for windows phone. i will be returning my WD MPW today and purchasing the Seagate Wireless Plus. If WD would update their apps on a regular basis, and not make me go through loopholes or third party workarounds, then i would keep the drive but i really dont have any more time to troubleshoot before my trip. 


OK, good luck with it all.

Have a look at AV Remote and perhaps Moliplayer.

Both are fairly good apps for DLNA, my personal preference being AV Remote but try them both if you haven’t already and see if they help with what you’re after.